Campaign In Retrospect

 Campaign Events

  • February 2010: Our Evening in the East fundraiser event at Old Brick raised over $3,000 for our campaign!  Thank you so much for the contributions.
  • June 28th, 2009: The building at 722 E College St is established as a place of our regular services
  • April-June: Major building renovations
  • April 18th, 2009: First service - celebration of the Holy Pascha - is held at 722 E College St
  • April 10th: The purchase has been completed!
    Our current goals are to complete the renovations, and to retire the mortgage.
  • March: The purchase is currently on hold pending further negotiations.
  • February 23rd: The purchase of the new building has been approved by a majority of parish members (84%)!  Closing will occur on Friday, February 27.
  • February: Our Evening in the East fundraiser event at Old Brick raised over $5,000 for our campaign!  Thank you so much for the contributions.
  • The Iowa City Press Citizen, a local newspaper, ran an article on our campaign in their January 9 edition. Here is the link to the online version: Iowa City Press Citizen Article

 Building Renovations and Maintenance

Update May 31, 2009: The nave was professionally painted. The rough carpentry for the raised altar area has been constructed. Plumbing and flooring contractors should be scheduled to work in the next week or two. Radon mitigation in the lower level is scheduled for mid-June. We are planning to make the move from Iowa Ave. to College St. beginning on Friday evening June 26 and continuing on Saturday June 27. Please save the dates so that you are available to help.

Update May 24, 2009: We are working with the city to secure a building permit to allow us to construct the raised altar area and are receiving bids from plumbers to improve the bathrooms and to work on plumbing for a kitchen.

Update May 17, 2009: This week, the nave of the church, walls and ceiling, will be painted the same color blue that we currently see in our chapel. This color was suggested by Bishop MARK. By this next weekend if not sooner, rough carpentry work will begin on the raised altar area.

Update May 3, 2009: This past week, the electrical system was upgraded from the old fuseboxes to 200 Amp circuit breakers and properly grounded. On Saturday, May 2, the Parish Council and related committees held a planning meeting in order to revisit some initial plans for repairs and renovations that were drawn up in February, and to prepare to present our plan to His Grace Bishop MARK, when he visits with us next weekend. With his blessing on our plans, we will proceed in earnest to bring in contractors to do such things as masonry work on the chimney, minor roof tile repair, radon mitigation, asbestos evaluation (and removal, if necessary), replacement of aging space heater, gutter repair and plumbing work, and possibly some painting in the nave. In addition, there will be opportunities for church members to paint other rooms, lay flooring in the nave, remove existing stage and create an altar area, remove damaged wall paneling in basement and possibly install drywall, and install attic insulation. Some of these things can be done after we move in and are regularly occupying the building. A few of them, like painting, creating an altar area and installing a floor, need to be done before we are in.

 Building acquisition announcement, A letter from Father Ignatius

April 10, 2009

Dear St. Raphael Members and friends,
I am happy to report that the closing (finally) took place this morning, and we are now the owners of 722 E College St!
This means that the Blessing of the Waters Service in the new location will happen as previously announced, tomorrow, Saturday April 11 at 2PM. I hope that some of you can make it to this very first service in the new building. And please remember that only tomorrow's service and the Pascha Midnight service (11:30PM) on Saturday April 18 will be at the new location. All other services will continue at our Iowa Ave. location until we can properly prepare the new location for regular use.

In Christ,
Fr Ignatius

 To Friends of St. Raphael's, A letter from Father Ignatius

January, 2009

Dear Friends of St. Raphael’s,

If you have never visited with us on a Sunday morning, then maybe you wouldn’t quite fully understand the scope of our overcrowding. I do not exaggerate when I say we are bursting at the seams.  We continue to grow, despite the fact that our chapel, altar area and all, is only 500 sq. ft., perhaps the smallest in the diocese. People often tell me that they know others who would like to come but don’t because of the space. Just today, a parishioner told me that he knows people who drive to the nearest Orthodox church, 35 miles away, because of the crowding at our chapel!

As priest of this parish I am very excited to ask for your help in purchasing a larger building. We have many new faces with us on Sunday mornings and five catechumens looking forward to Baptism or Chrismation. I am confident that with more space, our Sunday attendance would quickly increase by 25% or more. The Lord is doing a good thing in Iowa City and sending people our way – and now He has sent us a property and a benefactor to make this growth possible.

I appeal to all of you to participate in the Lord’s good work and to help us acquire this worship space through your prayers and donations. If you can help us, or if you have any questions, please print and fill out the Donation Form file below or contact me by phone or email.  May God bless you richly for your generosity!

In Christ, 
Fr. Ignatius