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Weekly Bulletin (week of Nov 16, 2008)

posted Dec 2, 2008, 10:18 AM by Arian Kulp   [ updated Dec 2, 2008, 10:20 AM ]

Bishop’s Visit-

His Grace Bishop Mark will be with us for vespers at 6PM on Wednesday November 19, and Hierarchical Vesperal Liturgy at 6PM this
Thursday November 20, for the Feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos in the Temple. Please save the dates and make an effort to
come out on a week night to worship with our archpastor. We will be joined on Wednesday evening, by clergy from our deanery, in
town for bi-annual deanery meetings.

Wednesday Potluck Meal-

We need people to bring food for a potluck meal this Wednesday evening. Following 6PM Vespers, we will share a meal with Bishop
Mark and clergy from our deanery. A sign-up sheet is posted at church. Please consider the fasting guidelines as you decide what
to bring.

Office Hours-

This week, Fr. Ignatius will be in the office only on Monday morning from 9-noon, due to the bishop’s visit and deanery meeting.

No Wednesday Matins or Russian Class-

Due to the deanery meeting and bishop’s visit which will be taking place at church this week, we will not have matins on Wednesday
morning or Russian class on Wednesday evening.

News on Building Purchase-

Good news! Our offer to purchase the church building has been signed! We have until January 25 to raise the money we need to
make this financially feasible. Our goal is $275,000. Fundraising material is going out in the mail this week. As soon as you can,
please give the church the contact information of friends and family and others who you think might want to help us make this purchase
a reality. This is a group effort. We need the prayers and help of all of us to accomplish this goal. And may God be with us, guiding
us every step of the way.

2009 Pledge Packets have Been Mailed-

As you know, St. Raphael Mission relies on the generous donations of its members and friends to provide the funds to keep this church
in existence and able to do God’s work. Packets with information on how to make a financial pledge, as well as how to indicate other
ways which you can help out St. Raphael Mission have been mailed out to members and past donors. If you haven’t received one and
are interested in making a financial pledge for 2009, please contact Fr. Ignatius or our treasurer, Tania Van Dinter. So that the Parish
Council can present a responsible budget at our annual Voters’ Meeting on December 7, we ask that your pledges be
returned as soon as possible. Thank you, Tania, for your hard work on this and all of the duties you perform as treasurer.

Pre-Nativity Fast-

Saturday November 15 marked the beginning of our time for preparation for Christmas, the Nativity of Christ. Part of this preparation
is a time of fasting. We abstain from meat, dairy, and eggs throughout the entire season (through December 24), and on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays we also abstain from wine and oil. Fish is permitted on weekends and on also Friday November 21, for the Feast
of the Entrance of the Theotokos in the temple. The red November-December church calendars make this more clear in a visual way.
Please consult with Fr. Ignatius if you have any questions. It is better to humbly take on the fasting guidelines of the Church a little at
a time, than to stubbornly attempt to follow them perfectly, and either fail and get dejected, or succeed with pride. And also, fasting
profits us nothing if it is not accompanied by prayer and almsgiving.

Piano Recital-

Victoria Tsangari will give a piano recital on Saturday, November 22nd at 4:00pm at Clinton Street Music, 376 S. Clinton St. Iowa City,
the northeast corner of Clinton and Court. She will play pieces by Beethoven, Dvorak and Barber.

November Parish Council Meeting-

Our November Parish Council meeting will be Monday November 17 at 7PM.

Non-Perishable Food Donations-

We collect non-perishable food year round to donate to the local food bank at the Crisis Center. If you haven’t donated anything in awhile,
the season leading up to Christmas is a perfect time to do so. There is always a need.

Chamber Singers of Iowa City to Perform Rachmaninov’s Vespers-

The Chamber Singers of Iowa City will open its season with a performance of one of the most sublime works in the sacred choral
literature. On November 23, the choir performs Sergei Rachmaninov’s immortal Vespers, also known as the All Night Vigil. The work
contains some of the most beautiful music composed for the Russian Orthodox Church and will be sung in the Russian language. The
performance takes place at 3PM in the First Presbyterian Church, 2701 Rochester Ave., Iowa City. Tickets are available at the door or
from Chamber Singers members. Admission for adults is $15, for seniors $12, and youth and students are admitted at no charge.

Christmas Cards-

Our parish bookstore has some Christmas cards for sale. Take a look.

Annual Voters’ Meeting-

Our Annual Voters’ Meeting will be held after Liturgy on Sunday December 7. We will approve a budget for 2009, elect a Parish Council
member and discuss our Capital Campaign progress. Please plan to attend.

Introduction to Orthodoxy Class-

Fr. Ignatius has begun an Introduction to Orthodoxy class series which will continue to meet at 4PM on Saturdays. Each class will
last about 1 1/2 hours. It is open to anybody: beginners who are interested in exploring the Orthodox faith, or those who are already
Orthodox and who would like to learn more about their faith. Topics to be covered are Worship, the Sacraments, Tradition, Relations
with other Christians, and more.

Beginner’s Language Classes-

The Russian class taught by Elena Bezugla has begun and meets weekly on Wednesday evenings at 7PM. The Arabic class
taught by Rubina Knajian will begin sometime in November. Cost is a $5 donation to the Church’s Building fund per class session.
There is still room in both classes. Bring a notebook and a pencil and be prepared to take some notes!

Choir Practices-

The choir is meeting for practice on Sundays, after Liturgy.

Do You Have a Prayer Request?

Please give it to Fr. Ignatius and he will distribute it by email to all those on the Prayer Chain.

Holy Bread and Coffee Hour-

On Sunday November 23, are providing the holy bread. The food for coffee hour will be brought by the family. Thank you in advance. Anybody who would like to host the coffee hour or bake the holy bread can sign up at church to do so.

Food For Thought:

My Lord is the One who resurrects. He resurrects the dead from morning until dusk, and from dusk until dawn. What the morning buries, the Lord brings to life in the evening; and what the evening buries, the Lord brings to life in the morning. What work is more fitting for the living God than to resurrect the dead into life? Let others believe in the God who brings men to trial and judges them. I shall cling to the God who resurrects the dead. Let others believe in the God, who does not even draw near to the living when they call upon Him. I shall worship the God, who holds His cupped ear even at cemeteries and listens, to hear whether anyone is crying out for resurrection or for the One who resurrects. The gravediggers dig graves and are silent. The Lord opens graves and shouts....The world mourns for their kindred in the cemeteries, the Lord seeks His own with a song and awakens them....My neighbors ask with anxiety whether this body of ours will be resurrected. If you have denied yourself once and for all, and no longer live for yourself, then your body is already being resurrected. If your body is a temple of the Most high God, then the One who resurrects is within you, and your resurrection is already being accomplished.

St. Nikolai Velimirovich, Prayers by the Lake, XCIII