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From the Weekly Bulletin (week of October 24, 2010)

posted Dec 18, 2010, 10:25 AM by Ilya Buchkin
Thank you-
         Thank you to Rezo Gvarjaladze, Bill Spencer, Ross Johnson, Jeremy Coffin, Olena Bezugla, Tania Van Dinter, Tyler Fyotek, Kh. Maria Valentine, and Madona Macharashvili, who came and worked so hard to clean our church building and grounds yesterday, during our semi-annual Clean-up Day, a hearty thank you.  The place looks great!
Parish Potluck Next Sunday-
         All are encouraged to bring some food or drink to share during coffee hour next Sunday as we do not have a specific team bringing food on the fifth Sundays of the month.
Introduction to Orthodoxy Class Series-
        A seven week series of classes introducing the Orthodox faith has begun on Saturdays at 3:30PM.   This class is for anyone: those who are unfamiliar with the Orthodox faith but would like to learn more, and those who are Orthodox but feel they missed some basic teaching.  Bring a friend! Please contact Fr. Ignatius if you are interested in attending.  This class is based on the last seven chapters of Timothy Ware's "The Orthodox Church."
Showing the Film "Ostrov" (The Island)-
       We will host a showing of this film on Monday, November 15 at 7PM at the Iowa City Public Library, Meeting Room A.  This film captures well, authentic Orthodox spirituality as it is told through the life of a fictional monk and fool-for-christ, who lives on an island monastery in the north of Russia.  The movie is 112 minutes long.  Refreshements will be provided.  This is a good chance to invite friends and family to an outreach event for our church.
A Note of Gratitude-
       "Dear Memebers of St Raphael Church,
Thank you for providing for the first semester's tuition in the Saint Stephen's Course of Studies in Orthodox Theology.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated. - Bill Spencer"
Patronal Feast Weekend Schedule-
      Friday, November 5, 7PM- Vespers with Artoklasia for Feast of St. Raphael
Saturday, November 6, 8:45AM- Matins and 10AM- Liturgy for Feast of St. Raphael; 6PM Great Vespers
Sunday, November 7, 8:45AM- Matins; 10AM Divine Liturgy
All Saints Day Fall Fun Fest at St. George Church-
       On Wednesday, October 27 from 5:30PM-7PM children are invited to come to St. George Church in Cedar Rapids for an alternative to some of the not-so-holy happenings of Halloween.  Bring your kids dressed in a costume of their favorite saint, or some other tasteful costume of their choice.  There will be Bible stories and stories from the lives of the saints acted out by St. George members.  Children will also enjoy supper, games, crafts and fellowship.
"Love Never Fails" Fundraising Dinner for Choices Medical Clinic-
        Choices Medical Clinic, a local pro-life clinic that seeks to provide women in crisis pregnancies alternatives to abortion, is holding its annual fundraising dinner at the Coralville Marriott Hotel on Tuesday, November 9.  Seating begins at 6:30PM and the dinner and program begin at 7PM.  Tom Glessner, J.D., president of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates will be the featured speaker.  There is no cost to attend but an opportunity to make a financial gift will be extended.  RSVP before November 4 at 319-337-0575.  
New Testament Greek Study Group-
        A study group, focusing on New Testament (Koine) Greek is forming at St. Raphael.  Tentatively, the group will meet after Liturgy and coffee hour beginning Sunday, November 14.  We will do some basic work using an interlinear Bible.  This will likely start out at a basic level (the priest is rusty!).  All are welcome.  Contact Tyler Fyotek at tjfyotek@gmail.com if you are interested.
OCF Midwest College Conference 2010-
        Registration is now open for the Orthodox Christian Fellowship Midwest College Conference 2010 at
http://collegeconference2010ngm.eventbrite.com/.  This gathering of Orthodox Christian college students from around the Midwest will be held over winter break between Dec. 29- Jan. 1 at the New Gracanica Serbian Orthodox Monastery in Third Lake, IL outside of Chicago.  The keynote speaker will be His Beatitude Metropolitan JONAH of the Orthodox Church in America.  
Bishop's Visit Rescheduled-
       Bishop MARK will now be with us for the weekend of December 10-12.  
Thoughts on Stewardship-
           Word Magazine, February, 2003, “Stewardship,” Nick Hathaway … “Saint Nicholas’ life is one of the foremost examples of Christian stewardship.  One well-known story of stewardship from the life of Saint Nicholas tells us how Nicholas saved a young woman from slavery.  Her father, a widowed nobleman, had fallen into poverty.  Although his three daughters had many suitors, they could not marry because he was too poor to provide them with the dowry that a bride was expected to bring to her marriage.  The eldest daughter decided to sell herself as a slave in order to raise money for her sisters’ dowries.  Nicholas heard about the women’s
circumstance.  Secretly, in the dark of the night, he lowered a small bag of gold through an open window in the eldest daughter’s room.  With the dowry that Nicholas had provided, she was able to marry.  On two other nights, Nicholas secretly provided the two remaining daughters with dowries of their own.”        
Do You Have a Prayer Request?
     Please give it to Fr. Ignatius and he will distribute it by email to all those on the Prayer Chain.  If you wish to join the Prayer Chain, please let Fr. Ignatius know.  
Coffee Hour-
      On Sunday, October 31, the food for coffee hour will be provided by all wo bring food to our potluck.
Holy Bread-
       On Sunday, October 31, the holy bread will be provided by the Abuissa family.  Thank you in advance.  Anyone who desires to bake the holy bread may sign up to do so.  This is a wonderful way to offer yourself and your loved ones to God and the Church.
Choir Leadership-
       Tania Van Dinter will lead the choir for vespers, matins and Liturgy the weekend of Oct. 30-31.
Food For Thought-
Put not your trust in princes, in sons of men, in whom there is no salvation .
Psalm 146:3
Should we look to kings and princes to put right the inequalities between rich and poor? Should we require soldiers to come and seize the rich person’s gold and distribute it among his destitute neighbors? Should we beg
the emperor to impose a tax on the rich so great that it reduces them to the level of the poor and then to share the proceeds of that tax among everyone? Equality imposed by force would achieve nothing, and do much harm. Those who combined both cruel hearts and sharp minds would soon find ways of making themselves rich again. Worse still, the rich whose gold was taken away would feel bitter and resentful; while the poor who received the gold from the hands of soldiers would feel no gratitude, because no generosity would have prompted the gift. Far from bringing moral benefit to society, it would actually do moral harm. Material justice cannot be accomplished by compulsion, a change of heart will not follow. The only way to achieve true justice is to change people’s hearts first—and then they will joyfully share their wealth.
St. John Chrysostom
It isn’t because the affluent are unable to provide food easily that men go hungry; it is because the affluent are cruel and inhuman. Every day, the Church here feeds 3,000 people. Besides this, the Church daily helps provide
food and clothes for prisoners, the hospitalised, pilgrims, cripples, churchmen, and others. If only ten people were willing to do this, there wouldn’t be a single poor man left in town.
St. John Chrysostom