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From the Weekly Bulletin (week of May 22, 2011)

posted Jul 10, 2011, 6:33 PM by Ilya Buchkin
Parish Potluck Next Sunday-
       Next Sunday, May 29 is the fifth Sunday of the month and as such, we will have a parish-wide potluck following Liturgy.  Please plan on bringing some food to share during coffee hour.  
 "Life and Faith of the Holy Myrrhbearers" Bible Study-
       This study continues to meet May 25 and June 1.  Bring your Bibles.  Please plan on one hour for each session.  Let's learn about these faithful and women disciples of the Lord.

Ascension Liturgy June 1-
On Wednesday June 1 at 6PM, we will have a Vesperal Liturgy for the Feast of the Lord's Ascension into Heaven.  Following the service, we will hold the last Myrrhbearers Bible study.
Invitation from the Abuissas-
       Next Sunday, May 29 at 3PM, all St. Raphael Church members and friends are invited to the Abuissa home (1428 Buresh Ave., Iowa City) for a high school graduation reception for Razzi Abuissa.  Maps to the Abuissa house will be available at church next Sunday.  Please call Kristi at 319-594-3686 for more information.
Local Exhibit on English Language Bibles-
The University of Iowa's Special Collections is sponsoring an exhibit titled "Being Biblical Through the Ages" which is currently on display in the central hallway of the 3rd floor of the UI Main Library.  In honor of the 400th anniversary of the translation of the King James version of the Bible, this exhibit presents many centuries-old bibles and other bible related books.

Sunday School Breaks for Summer-
       Our St. Raphael Sunday School has met for the last time this Spring.  We will take a break this summer and resume Sunday School in September.  Look for an even better Sunday School program next Fall and please get your children involved!

Break from the Fast-
       During this Paschal season through the Feast of the Ascension on June 2, a full forty days, we continue to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. There is no fasting during this time, including on Wednesdays and Fridays, according to Antiocian custom.
A Message from the Assembly of Bishops-
       The Assembly of Bishops (formerly the Episcopal Assembly) will be meeting in Chicago next week for their annual meeting.  This assembly includes all of the canonical Orthodox bishops of North and Central America.  They ask for prayer from all of us, that their work would be God-pleasing and would promote the building up of the Church.  To read their statement, go to: http://www.assemblyofbishops.org/news/announcements/mid-pentecost
Word Magazine Subscriptions-
       The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America publishes a monthly magazine called Word.  Subscriptions are provided free of charge to all members of Antiochian Orthodox churches.  If you are not receiving this magazine, but want to and think you should be, please contact Fr. Ignatius. 
Orthodox Christian Teaching on the Second Coming of Christ-
       For a look at Orthodox Christian teaching on the Second Coming of Christ, the Rapture, and other end times beliefs, Fr. Ignatius recommends "A Second Look at the Second Coming: Sorting Through the Speculations" by T. L. Frazier.  We currently carry one copy of this book in our parish bookstore and it can also be ordered through Conciliar Press at www.conciliarpress.com. 
Icon Education Workshop at St. George Church-
The Fellowship of St. John the Divine of St. George Orthodox Church of Cedar Rapids invites all to register for and attend "Icons: Illuminating the Christian Faith."  This educational workshop will take place on Saturday, June 4 from 9:30AM- 3:30PM at St. George Church (3650 Cottage Grove Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids) and will feature Orthodox Christian educator Sandy Mitchell and Orthodox Christian iconographer Brendan Kulp.  Cost is $20 if registered by May 27 and $25 if registered afterward.  Cost includes lunch.  For more information, a poster and registration form is posted on the bulletin board at the narthex in church.   
Parish Camping Trip/Liturgy in the Park-
       On Father's Day weekend, we will have services and meals together outdoors at lovely secluded FW Kent Park, 3 miles west of Iowa City on Hwy. 6.  The camping is free, but those camping need to bring their own tents and sleeping bags. Sign up sheets and maps are available at church. Even if you don't come for the camping, please come for our regular liturgy.  The schedule for the weekend is as follows:

Sat. June 18, Noon: Camping opens at Youth Camp Area #5. *Please sign up at church if you will be camping overnight.
Sat. June 18, 6pm: Vespers at the Bob White Shelter.  Cookout and camping overnight for those who wish.
Sun. June 19, 8:45 Matins, 10 am Liturgy, at the Bob White Shelter.  Regular coffee hour meal/potluck/cookout afterwards, followed by fun and fishing for kids.
Parish Council Meeting Minutes-
The minutes from the April and May Parish Council meeting minutes are attached. 

Parish Life Conference-
       The 64th annual Midwest Diocese Parish Life Conference will be hosted by St. George Orthodox Church of Cleveland, OH from June 15-19 2011.  For more information, go to: www.stgeorgecleveland.com     
Do You Have a Prayer Request?
       Please give it to Fr. Ignatius and he will distribute it by email to all those on the Prayer Chain.  If you wish to join the Prayer Chain, please let Fr. Ignatius know.  
Choir Leadership-
      During the weekend of May 28-29, Matthew Arndt will lead the choir. 
Holy Bread-
       On Sunday, May 29, the holy bread will be provided by the Carter family.  Thank you in advance.  Anyone who wants to provide the holy bread can sign up to do so.

Coffee Hour-
      On Sunday May 29, the food for coffee hour and clean-up of the fellowship hall will be provided by all who can bring food to the parish-wide potluck.
Church Cleaning-
       During the week following Sunday May 23, cleaning of the nave, narthex, bookstore/library, stairs, bathrooms and nursery room will be done by the St. Raphael team. 
Food For Thought-

Let heaven and earth radiantly rejoice today, for Christ has appeared as a man in the flesh, that He might deliver from the curse the whole race of Adam; and when He came to Samaria, He was made wondrous by wonders.  He Who is compassed about by the waters of the clouds standeth nigh unto a woman and seeketh water.  Wherefore, let all us the faithful worship Him, Who of His own will became poor for our sake in His compassionate counsel.

Sticheron from Matins of the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman