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From the Weekly Bulletin (week of March 20, 2011)

posted Apr 10, 2011, 10:05 PM by Ilya Buchkin
Feast of the Annunciation-
We will celebrate the announcing to the Virgin Mary that she would bear our Lord Jesus, the Savior of the world, with a Vepseral Liturgy at 6PM this Thursday, March 24.  Due to the festive and joyous nature of this commemoration, the fasting guidelines of the Church allow for fish, wine and oil to be consumed on Thursday evening and Friday.

Georgian Language Liturgy
       This Saturday, March 26 at 9AM, Fr. Matthias Korchilava will celebrate Liturgy in the Georgian language at St. Raphael Church and follow that service with a Paraklesis for the Departed.  All are welcome. 

Appeal for Disaster Relief in Japan-

       In light of the triple tragedy of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear threat that has befallen Japan, Metropolitan Philip is asking the faithful of the parishes of the Antiochian Archdiocese to generously give to the International Orthodox Christian Charities fund for disaster relief in Japan.  To read the text of Metropolitan Philip's appeal, go to: http://www.antiochian.org/node/25526.  To learn more about the IOCC, go to: http://iocc.org

Online Lenten Resources-
  For a collection of podcasts concerning Lent, go to: http://ancientfaith.com/collections/journeys_through_great_lent  For a collection of articles, sermons and other material on Lent, go to: http://monachos.net/content/liturgics/seasonal/lent

New Church Directory Now Available-
Church members may pick up a copy of the new St. Raphael Church directory which lists names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of church members former members and friends of the parish.  Thank you to Karen Kuntz for help assembling the directory.

Food For Hungry People Campaign-
During Lent, the Antiochian Archdiocese runs the Food for Hungry People Campaign which raises money to help a variety of ministries which provide food and other help to those who are in the most need.  As part of this campaign, we have coin boxes available for you to take home and fill during this season.  Please take one home, to remind yourself of this important need. 

New Source of Patristic Audio Recordings-
Patristic Nectar Publications provides audio recordings of works from several of the Church Fathers in both CD and on-demand downloadable formats.  For more information, go to: http://patristicnectar.org

Classical Guitar Concert by Tariel-
       On Thursday, March 31 at 7PM, our own Tariel Iberi will perform a benefit concert at St. Raphael Church.  A majority of the proceeds will be donated to our church building fund.  The evening's program will include about an hour of music plus an intermission.  Tickets are available only at the door and are $15 for adults, $10 for students and $5 for children 12 and under.  Food and drinks will be served afterward.  A promotional poster for the concert is attached.  Please pass it around to family and friends.

Epistle Readers Needed-
There are always opportunities available to read the Sunday Epistle in English or any other language of your choosing.  A sign-up sheet is posted on one of the bulletin boards at church.  If you have any questions about how to read the Epistle, speak with Todd Wiblin.

Opportunities to Give-
The church has a need for donations of wine and olive oil.  For Communion wine, we use a sweet Greek wine, Mavrodaphne of PatrasFor the wine used with the blessed bread after Communion, we use Mogen David Concord wine .  We use olive oil in the many vigil lamps that burn in front of our icons and on our altar.  We have found that regular grade olive oil (as opposed to extra virgin) burns best in our oil lamps.  If you wish to donate either wine or olive oil, please speak with Todd Wiblin.

Prayer and Healing Panel Discussion-
Fr. Ignatius will be one of four presenters heading an interfaith panel discussion on Prayer and Healing at the Coralville Public Library at 7:15PM on April 12.  In addition to the Orthodox Christian perspective, those present will hear presentations from Muslim, Jewish and Christian Science perspectives.  This free event is open to the public.  All are welcome. 

Parish Life Conference-
       The 64th annual Midwest Diocese Parish Life Conference will be hosted by St. George Orthodox Church of Cleveland, OH from June 15-19 2011.  For more information, go to: www.stgeorgecleveland.com
Call for Lenten Recipes-
If you would like to share a Lent-friendly recipe with other members of the parish, please send one to Fr. Ignatius and they will be included in the weekly emailed bulletins during Lent.

Lenten Wednesday Evenings-
On Wednesday evenings during Lent, we celebrate a unique service called the Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts.  What this means is that the bread and wine are consecrated to be the Lord's Body and Blood on the Sunday before, and not during the Wednesday service.  On Wednesday evenings, Fr. Ignatius will be giving a sermon series which focuses on the Canon of St. Andrew, a lengthy hymn that we will be singing at other services during the first week of Lent.  The Canon of St. Andrew is a penitential meditation on the sinfulness of mankind and the all-encompassing love and forgiveness of God.  If you want to know more about the history of salvation that is contained in the pages of Scripture, both Old and New, there is no better way to do it than to listen to or to sing St. Andrew's Canon and to hear the sermons given on this monumental Bible-study-put-to-song.  If you desire to receive the Eucharist on Wednesday evenings, please abstain from food and drink beginning at noon that day.  Following the Pre-Sanctified Liturgy each Wednesday, we will gather downstairs for a simple Lenten soup supper. 

Sunday Lenten Pan-Orthodox Vespers-
       On Sunday evenings at 5:30PM during Lent, we will gather together with the Orthodox churches in Cedar Rapids to worship together at our various locations.  This year, the Orthodox churches of Waterloo and Dubuque are also participating.    Following, is the rest of the schedule.  If you want to catch a ride with Fr. Ignatius to any of these services, please let him know.
March 27- St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church (3650 Cottage Grove Ave. SE) Cedar Rapids
April 3- St. Elias the Prophet Greek Orthodox Church (1075 Rockdale Rd.) Dubuque
April 10- St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church (501 A Ave NE) Cedar Rapids

Lenten Recipe-              

Tom Thumb Bars (from Lori Branch)



½ c. shortening (Butter Flavor Crisco + water as directed on pkg.)

½ tsp. salt

½ c. brown sugar

1 c. flour

·         Preheat the oven to 325˚ F.  Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl until smooth and fluffy.  Use a spatula or fingers to spread the pastry in a greased 8X12 pan.  (N.B.: 3 recipes fit nicely in a large, professional baking pan.)  Bake at 325 degrees for 15 minutes, unitl lightly browned.  While the pastry is baking, make the topping as follows:

Topping :

1 ½ c. shredded coconut

2 tbsp. flour

½ tsp. baking powder

1 c. nuts

¾ c. light corn syrup (honey is a tasty alternative)

1 tsp. lemon juice

·         Combine all the topping ingredients and mix well.

·         When the pastry is done, remove from oven, and immediately spread on the topping; be sure not to let the topping touch the sides of the pan, as it will stick.  Forever.  Bake for another 25+ minutes, until the topping turns golden brown.  Cool, cut into bars, and enjoy!

Do You Have a Prayer Request?

       Please give it to Fr. Ignatius and he will distribute it by email to all those on the Prayer Chain.  If you wish to join the Prayer Chain, please let Fr. Ignatius know.  

Holy Bread-
       On Sunday, March 27, the holy bread will be provided by the Peterson/Branch family.  Thank you in advance.
Coffee Hour-
      On Sunday March 27, the food for coffee hour and clean-up of the fellowship hall will be provided by the St. John the Baptist team.

Choir Leadership-
For the weekend of March 26-27, Tania Van Dinter will lead the choir.

Church Cleaning-
During the week following Sunday March 20, cleaning of the nave, narthex, bookstore/library, stairs, bathrooms and nursery room will be done by the St. Raphael team. 
Food For Thought-
I BIND to myself today
The strong virtue of the Invocation of the Trinity:
I believe the Trinity in the Unity
The Creator of the Universe.

I bind to myself today
The virtue of the Incarnation of Christ with His Baptism,
The virtue of His crucifixion with His burial,
The virtue of His Resurrection with His Ascension,
The virtue of His coming on the Judgment Day.

I bind to myself today
The virtue of the love of seraphim,
In the obedience of angels,
In the hope of resurrection unto reward,
In prayers of Patriarchs,
In predictions of Prophets,
In preaching of Apostles,
In faith of Confessors,
In purity of holy Virgins,
In deeds of righteous men.

I bind to myself today
The power of Heaven,
The light of the sun,
The brightness of the moon,
The splendour of fire,
The flashing of lightning,
The swiftness of wind,
The depth of sea,
The stability of earth,
The compactness of rocks.

I bind to myself today
God's Power to guide me,
God's Might to uphold me,
God's Wisdom to teach me,
God's Eye to watch over me,
God's Ear to hear me,
God's Word to give me speech,
God's Hand to guide me,
God's Way to lie before me,
God's Shield to shelter me,
God's Host to secure me,
Against the snares of demons,
Against the seductions of vices,
Against the lusts of nature,
Against everyone who meditates injury to me,
Whether far or near,
Whether few or with many.

I invoke today all these virtues
Against every hostile merciless power
Which may assail my body and my soul,
Against the incantations of false prophets,
Against the black laws of heathenism,
Against the false laws of heresy,
Against the deceits of idolatry,
Against the spells of women, and smiths, and druids,
Against every knowledge that binds the soul of man.
Christ, protect me today
Against every poison, against burning,
Against drowning, against death-wound,
That I may receive abundant reward.

Christ with me, Christ before me,
Christ behind me, Christ within me,
Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ at my right, Christ at my left,
Christ in the fort,
Christ in the chariot seat,
Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me,
Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks to me,
Christ in every eye that sees me,
Christ in every ear that hears me.

I bind to myself today
The strong virtue of an invocation of the Trinity,
I believe the Trinity in the Unity
The Creator of the Universe.

St. Patrick, bishop of Armagh and Enlightener of Ireland (Commemorated on March 17), "St. Patrick's Breastplate"