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From the Weekly Bulletin (week of June 21, 2009)

posted Jul 19, 2009, 9:15 PM by Ilya Buchkin

Building Progress
       The new iconostasis is quickly taking shape, as can be seen by the attached photo. The floor is nearly finished. Some painting of some of the smaller rooms will take place this week. Although there will still be many things that will need to be done in the building after next weekend, it will ready enough for our use.

Help us Move
       This next weekend is it! Although there will still be plenty to do as far as renovations and repairs in the College St. building, this coming weekend is when we are making the move and beginning services there. If you like to pack boxes, Lori Branch will be at Iowa Ave. from 9AM-1PM on Friday packing. She welcomes others to join in. We will gather at Iowa Ave. at 7PM on Friday, June 26 to begin the move. We will continue on Saturday, June 27 at 9AM. If you can contribute some time to help, some boxes, or a vehicle to haul things, we would be most grateful. We will conclude our move with a joyful procession at 5PM on Saturday, of the icons and relics, singing hymns, as we move from the old building to the new in time for Vespers n the new building at 6PM. Please join us for this happy event.

Nominations for New Icons
       Pending approval from Bishop MARK, next Sunday after Liturgy, voting members will be able to vote on the following choices for saints to fill the two new spaces on our expanded iconostasis:
        1. St. Innocent of Alaska
        2. St. Xenia of St. Petersburg
        3. St. Michael the Archangel and St. Gabriel the Archangel
        4. St. George the Great Martyr
        5. St. Lawrence the Archdeacon of Rome and St. Stephen the Protomartyr
        6. St. Peter the Apostle
        7. St. Nina, Equal-to-the-Apostles
        8. St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
        9. St. Catherine the Great Martyr
        10. St. Herman of Alaska
        11. St. John the Wonderworker of Shanghai and San Francisco

Flowers for Move-In Sunday We would like to decorate our newly renovated church interior with flowers for our Divine Liturgy there on June 28. Anyone who would like to bring flowers is welcome to do so. We can also order roses (of assorted colors) in bulk for $10 a dozen. If you would like to donate a dozen, please contact Lori Peterson Branch at lori-branch@uiowa.edu or 339-7581. She needs to have a count by Wednesday evening, June 24.

Safety of the Building
       Given that our "new" building is nearly 80 years old, there were some safety issues that we had to deal with before we regularly occupied our building. First of all, a plumber determined that there are no lead water pipes in the building. Secondly, the problem of elevated radon levels in the basement have been addressed through certified radon mitigation. Thirdly, all of the asbestos tile was removed and an asbestos inspector determined that there is no asbestos problem in the building. So, we are pleased that this work was done and we can be confident that we have a safe environment for us all to worship and pray in.

Fr. Ignatius Will Be Traveling
       Fr. Ignatius will be out of town from this Tuesday evening, June 23, until Friday evening, June 26. If you have an emergency and need a priest, please contact Fr. Elias Khouri at 319-329-2562. Wednesday and Thursday office hours are cancelled this week, and there will be no Wednesday matins.

Happy Father's Day
       To all fathers and godfathers, have a happy Father's Day, and may God grant you many years!

Apostles' Fast
       We remain in the Apostles' fast through Sunday June 28. Consult Fr. Ignatius or the green monthly St. Raphael calendar if you have any specific questions regarding the fast.

Saints Alive Book Study
       If there is enough interest (at least 5 people,) we will start a book study called "Saints Alive" on Thursday evenings after Akathist (8PM) beginning sometime this summer. This series is subtitles "Missionaries, Monks and Martyrs" and books that are covered include books on the life of St. Innocent of Alaska, St. Raphael of Brooklyn, St. Seraphim of Sarov, St. Maria (Skobtsova) of Paris, and St. Luke of Simferopol. How this study works, is that each person is assigned to read one of the books, and that person then reports of his or her book to the group. Go to http://www.antiochian.org/sites/antiochian.org/files/Saints_ALIVE-09.pdf for more information on the books to be read and discussed.

Midwest Diocese Parish Life Conference
       St. James Antiochian Church in Loveland, OH (suburban Cincinnati) is hosting the 2009 Midwest Diocese Parish Life Conference on July 1-5. This conference is for all and not just for clergy! Among the highlights on the schedule are two excellent presenters, Drs. Dan and Jane Hinshaw, from the University of Michigan, who will be presenting on "An Orthodox Approach to End-of-Life Issues". Fr. Ignatius heard part of this presentation last year and he highly recommends what they have to say, especially to those who are involved in the medical field. Please go to http://www.stjamesloveland.org/2009plc/2009plc.html for more information on the conference and to register.

Camp St. George
       It's that time of year again. Camp St. George is right around the corner, August 9-15. If your child is planning on attending, it is time to complete the application. All necessary documents are available for download at www.campstgeorge.org. This is a wonderful opportunity for our children ages 9-17 to experience a fun, safe, faith-filled week of summer camp. It is highly recommended by those who have attended. If you are interested in volunteering as an adult staff member, please contact Fr. Ignatius.

Do You Have a Prayer Request?
       Please give it to Fr. Ignatius and he will distribute it by email to all those on the Prayer Chain. If you wish to join the Prayer Chain, please let Fr. Ignatius know.

Holy Bread and Coffee Hour
       On Sunday June 28, Angela Spurgetis will provide the holy bread. We still need a volunteer or volunteers to provide food for coffee hour. Please contact Fr. Ignatius if you can do so. Anybody who would like to host the coffee hour or bake the holy bread can sign up at church to do so.

Food For Thought

Amidst the racket and ridicule of people my prayer rises toward You, O my King and my Kingdom. Prayer is incense, that ceaselessly censes my soul and raises it toward You, and draws You toward her. Stoop down, my King, so that I may whisper to You my most precious secret, my most secret prayer, my most prayerful desire. You are the object of all my prayers, all my searching. I seek nothing except You, truly, only You. What could I seek from You, that would not separate me from You? Should I seek to be Lord over a few stars, instead of reigning as Lord with You over all the stars? Should I seek to be first among men? How shameful it would be fore me, when You would seat me at the last place at Your table! Should I seek for millions of human mouths to praise me? How horrible it would be for me, when all those mouths are filled with earth. Should I seek to be surrounded by the most precious ob¬jects from the entire world? How humiliating it would be for me for those objects to outlast me and be glistening even as earthen darkness fills my eyes! Should I seek for You not to separate me from my friends? Ah separate me, O Lord, separate me from my friends as soon as possible, because they are the thickest wall between You and me. "Why should we pray," say my neighbors, "when God does not hear our prayers?" But I say to them: "Your prayer is not prayer, but peddling merchandise. You do not pray to God to give you God but Satan. Therefore, the Wisdom of heaven does not accept the prayers from your tongue." "Why should we pray," grumble my neighbors, "when God knows what we need beforehand?" But I sadly answer them: That is true, God knows-that you need nothing except Him alone. At the door of your soul He is waiting to come in. Through prayer the doors are opened for the entrance of the majestic King. Does not one of you say to the other at your door: `Please enter'? God does not seek glory for Himself but for you. All the worlds in the universe can add nothing to His glory, much less can you. Your prayer is a glorification of you, not of God. Fullness and mercy are to be found in Him. All the good words that you direct to Him in prayer, return to you twofold. O my illustrious King and my God, to You alone I bow down and pray. Flood into me, as a raging stream into thirsty sand. Just flood me with Yourself, life-giving Water; then grass will easily grow in the sand and white lambs will graze in the grass. Just flood into my parched soul, my Life and my Salvation.
St. Nikolai Velimirovich "Prayers by the Lake" XIX