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From the Weekly Bulletin (week of April 26, 2009)

posted Apr 26, 2009, 10:56 PM by Ilya Buchkin

Bishop MARK is Coming May 8, 9 & 10

Schedule of Events:

Friday, May 8 6PM-8PM, Time for children of our parish to spend with His Grace. We will meet at the Valentine's house (1708 E College St.) for pizza and "Ask the Bishop"

Saturday, May 9 8:30AM-10AM, Parish Council and Bishop MARK will meet for breakfast 12PM-1PM, Social hour with food and beverages at Coralville Public Library Auditorium (1401 5th St., Coralville) 1PM-2PM, "" A talk by Bishop MARK 6PM, Great Vespers with Bishop MARK

Sunday, May 10th 8:45AM, Matins with Bishop MARK 10AM, Hierarchical Divine Liturgy with Bishop MARK 12PM-2PM, Potluck gathering at College St. location with Bishop MARK

Potluck, Sunday May 10th
       A sign-up sheet is posted at church for the potluck we will have after Liturgy with His Grace Bishop MARK. For the month of May, this will be our monthly potluck instead of May 3. After liturgy, we will move over to College St., for the meal.

May-June St. Raphael Calendars are Available
       The church calendars for May and June are now printed and available at church for you to pick up.

Food for Hungry People Boxes
       If you have taken a Food for Hungry People box home with you during Lent, it is now time to bring it back to church. We will consolidate what was collected and send it in so that those who need the help can benefit from it. Cash and check donations can also be made to this worthy program. Please write checks to St. Raphael Orthodox Church and mark them Food for Hungry People on the memo line.

Updating Church Directory
       A draft copy of a new, updated St. Raphael Church address/telephone/email directory is printed and at church. Please take the time while at church over the next few weeks, to look at the entry for your name and to make any changes that you would like. We hope to have new copies available in a month or so.

"Creating Community: The Role of Religious Beliefs and Traditions in a Civil Society-" a UI Symposium
       On Thursday April 30, the University of Iowa along with several religious leaders throughout the Iowa City Community will come together to create a day of discussion dealing with the topic of "civil society". Working together as one community both the challenges and the strengths of the University of Iowa/Iowa City for demonstrating respect, civility and how we can be more understanding of other beliefs, traditions and differences will be addressed. St. Raphael Church member Newman Abuissa will be giving a short presentation in the 3:00PM time slot of this all day event. It will be held in the Illinois Room of the Iowa Memorial Union (IMU.)

Free Lunch Program Volunteering is May 5
       We need volunteers for our monthly commitment to help serve meals at the Free Lunch Program on Tuesday May 5 from 11:30AM-1:30PM. We have been short of volunteers recently. Please contact Fr. Ignatius for more information or if you can commit to helping this month.

A Respite from the Fast
       Throughout the Paschal season, from Pascha until the Ascension, a full forty days, there is no fasting, including on Wednesdays and Fridays, according to Antiochian custom.

Piano Recital
       St. Raphael Church member Victoria Tsangari is having a piano recital Saturday, May 2nd at 12:30pm in Macbride Auditorium (in Macbride Hall at the Pentacrest). The program includes music for piano, reciter and dancers, and there will be reading of poems in French, Russian and English. Admission is free.

Wedding Bells are Ringing!
       The parishioners of St. Raphael Church are invited by Fr. Elias and Kh. Irene Khouri to join them in the celebration of their daughter Juliana to Frank Dancer on Sunday, July 12 at 3:30PM at St. George Church in Cedar Rapids. An hors d' oeuvre reception will follow at the church. The favor of a reply is requested on or before May 25 via www.julianaandfrank.brides.com or by telephone at 319-396-2324. Please indicate the number of persons attending.

Bridal Shower
       Michelle Bayouth and the St. Raphael Women's Group will be hosting a bridal shower for another soon-to-be bride, Victoria Tsangari. It will be on Saturday, May 16th at 7:30PM at the Bayouth's house. Cocktails and Hors d 'Oeuvres will be served.

"When the World Spoke Arabic"
       The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City Public Library, UI Middle East and Muslim World Studies Program, African Studies Program, and Medieval Studies Program cordially invite the general public to a film series:

WEDNESDAY, MAY 6, 7PM, ICPL, Meeting Rm. A

"The Thousand and One Nights: A Historical Perspective"* (27 min.) Encompassing fairy tales, romances, legends, fables, parables, and anecdotes, The Thousand and One Nights is a composite of popular oral stories that developed over several centuries, mainly during the Empire of the Caliphate. This program scrutinizes the wonderfully audacious tale of Scheherazade and what it tells the attentive reader about the dreams of Arab men and women during the empire's golden age.

"Ulema and Philosophers: Faith vs. Reason in Islamic Arabia"* (26 min.) By replacing paganism with monotheism and tribal life with empire-building, the Arabs of the Umayyad and Abbasid dynasties effected a complete paradigm shift in their worldview. This program studies the codification of Islamic law and assimilation of non-Arab texts-and the ensuing competition between the ulema, or doctors of the law, and the philosophers, who saw reason as an equal to divine enlightenment.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 7PM, ICPL, Meeting Rm. A

"From Arabic to Latin: The Assimilation of Arab Knowledge"* (26 min.) As dissension mounted between the rival Arab dynasties in Baghdad, Cordoba, and Cairo, Christendom rallied to oppose the Muslims in Spain and Jerusalem. This program plots out the decline of the Empire of the Caliphate and the acquisition of Arab knowledge by Europeans starved for Islam's intellectual riches.

"Forgetting the Arabs: Europe on the Cusp of the Renaissance"* (27 min.) Why was Islamic philosophy, once the epitome of Arab learning, eventually rejected by Muslims? And why, after assimilating it, did Europeans distance themselves from its formulators? This program seeks to understand the religious climate of the late Middle Ages, in which universities and madrassas became centers of power and models for evolving sociopolitical systems.

Midwest Antiochian Women's Retreat
       On May 15-17, at Dormition of the Mother of God Monastery in Rives Junction, MI, there will be a retreat for women from Antiochian parishes in the Midwest. A flyer with more information is posted at church. You may contact Roberta Royhab at bobbie@theblade.com to place your reservation.

Do You Have a Prayer Request?
       Please give it to Fr. Ignatius and he will distribute it by email to all those on the Prayer Chain. If you wish to join the Prayer Chain, please let Fr. Ignatius know.

Holy Bread and Coffee Hour
       On Sunday May 3, the Peterson/Branch family will provide the holy bread. The food for coffee hour will also be brought by the Peterson/Branch family. Thank you in advance. Anybody who would like to host the coffee hour or bake the holy bread can sign up at church to do so.

Food For Thought:

O Lord, by the unendurable brilliance of Thy Divinity, Thou didst come while the doors were shut; and standing in the midst of the disciples, Thou didst lay bare Thy side and didst show them the wounds of Thy hands and feet, thereby dispelling the despondency that came from their faintheartedness, and Thou didst cry out clearly: "Even as ye behold in Me the assumption of flesh, O friends, so in like manner I bear not the nature of a spirit." And Thou didst incite the doubting disciple to touch with fear, saying unto him: "Now that thou hast examined all, come, therefore, do not doubt." And with with his hand he perceived Thy twofold nature, he, drawn by faith, cried out in faith and fear: "O my Lord and my God, glory be to Thee."

Sticheron from Great Vespers of Thomas Sunday