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From the Weekly Bulletin (week of April 10, 2011)

posted Apr 10, 2011, 10:09 PM by Ilya Buchkin
Parish Council Meeting-
The April 2011 Parish Council meeting will be this Monday, April 11 at 7PM.  All are welcome.

Prayer and Healing Panel Discussion-
This Tuesday, April 12 at 7PM at the Coralville Library, Fr. Ignatius will be a part of an interfaith panel discussion on Prayer and Healing. Other presenters will share Jewish, Muslim and Christian Science perspectives.  Admission is free.  All are welcome.

Spring Parish Clean-up Work Day-
On the afternoon of Lazarus Saturday, April 16, we will have our twice yearly parish clean-up day beginning after Liturgy, at around noon.  Please plan to come by and help clean windows, polish metal ware, dust, rake leaves and do many other chores to help us make our church and grounds as beautiful as possible for Holy Week and Pascha.

Holy Week Schedule-
Friday, April 15, 7PM- Compline with Canon of St. Lazarus
       Lazarus Saturday, April 16, 8:30AM Matins; 10AM Liturgy
       Palm Sunday, April 17, 8:30AM Matins; 10AM Liturgy; 7PM Bridegroom Matins
       Holy Monday, April 18, 7PM Bridegroom Matins
       Holy Tuesday, April 19, 7PM Bridegroom Matins
       Holy Wednesday, April 20, 9AM Pre-Sanctified Liturgy; 7PM Holy Unction Service
       Holy Thursday, April 21, 9AM Vesperal Liturgy; 7PM Twelve Passion Gospels Service
       Holy Friday, April 22, 9AM Royal Hours; 3PM Vespers (Taking Down the Lord from the Cross); 7PM Lamentations Service followed by Psalm reading vigil
       Holy Saturday, April 23, 9AM, Vesperal Liturgy followed by a demonstration and explanation of the Proskomedia service; 11:40PM Rush Service
       Great and Holy Pascha, April 24, 12AM, Paschal Matins and Liturgy followed by Paschal potluck feast; 1PM Agape Vespers, followed by Paschal Picnic at Wetherby Park

Sign-Up Sheets for Holy Week and Pascha Posted-
Various sign-up sheets relating to Holy Week and Pascha activities are now posted on the bulletin boards at church.  Among these include sign-ups for the post Paschal liturgy feast and also the picnic that follows Agape vespers, reading the Gospel in multiple languages for Agape vespers, decorating the funeral bier used on Holy Friday, reading Psalms before the bier through the night, etc.  Please look these over and consider how you can help out the church during this special time of the year.

Demonstration and Explanation of Proskomedia Service-
Following the Holy Saturday Liturgy (which begins at 9AM on April 23) Fr. Ignatius will demonstrate and explain the Proskomedia service for children and anyoneelse  who wants to see it.  This is the service of the preparation of the bread and wine that takes place before every Liturgy.  It will last about 25-30 minutes.

Office Hours-

       Father Ignatius is suspending his office hours until after Pascha.  However, if you need to make a confession or want to speak with him in person during the week, please feel free to contact him and make an appointment. 

Lent is a natural time to make your confession at church as the tone of this season is marked by repentance.  We are encouraged by our bishops to be regular in making our confessions. As we prepare for the holiest days of our church year, please plan ahead and schedule a confession soon.  Father's time to hear confessions during Holy Week is very limited due to the extra services.  

Capital Campaign Update-

       To date, Phase II of our Capital Campaign has raised $24,308 (from 36 individual donors and two fundraisers) for our Building Fund which we will use to lower our monthly payments and/or shorten the life of our mortgage loan.  Thank you to all who have generously given.

Online Paschal Resource-
For a collection of articles and multimedia relating to Pascha, go to www.feastoffeasts.org

Patronal Feast of St. George Church-
St. George Church, in Cedar Rapids, invites you to join them in celebrating their patronal feast of the Greatmartyr George on Bright Monday, April 25 at 9AM.

Opportunities to Give-
The church has a need for donations of wine and olive oil.  For Communion wine, we use a sweet Greek wine, Mavrodaphne of PatrasFor the wine used with the blessed bread after Communion, we use Mogen David Concord wine .  We use olive oil in the many vigil lamps that burn in front of our icons and on our altar.  We have found that regular grade olive oil (as opposed to extra virgin) burns best in our oil lamps.  If you wish to donate either wine or olive oil, please speak with Todd Wiblin.

"Life and Faith of the Holy Myrrhbearers" Bible Study-
If we have at least five people commit to coming, Fr. Ignatius will teach a four week Bible Study beginning in May on the "Life and Faith of the Holy Myrrhbearers."  We will look at the pages of the New Testament to learn more about the women who accompanied Jesus during His three-year ministry, and who get their collective name because they brought myrrh and other spice to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus.  This study could meet after Liturgy on Sundays, or on a week night, depending on the preferred schedule of the participants. Bring your Bible.   If you are interested, please put your name down on the sign-up sheet at church or let Fr. Ignatius know.

Orthodox Orphanage Needs Help-
The Hogar Rafael Ayau  Orphanage is building a new facility in the country outside of Guatemala City, Guatemala, to house and care for the children who call the orphanage home.  This facility, when completed, will allow the children to be raised in a much safer and more peaceful environment, than what their current inner city location can provide.  If you would like to learn more about financially supporting this worthy project, go to:www.friendsofthehogar.org

2011 Walk for Life-
The 2011 Walk for Life, to benefit Choice Medical Clinic of Iowa City, will take place in three locations on Saturday, May 7 from 9AM-10AM.  The three locations are, Kent Park (Bluebird Shelter), Lake Macbride State Park (Main Lodge) and City Park (Shelter #6).  For more information about how to register to walk or to sponsor a walker, go to: www.ministrysync.com/event/home.php?template_id=3826&lid=244971

Parish Life Conference-
       The 64th annual Midwest Diocese Parish Life Conference will be hosted by St. George Orthodox Church of Cleveland, OH from June 15-19 2011.  For more information, go to: www.stgeorgecleveland.com         

Do You Have a Prayer Request?
       Please give it to Fr. Ignatius and he will distribute it by email to all those on the Prayer Chain.  If you wish to join the Prayer Chain, please let Fr. Ignatius know.  

Holy Bread-
       On Sunday, April 17, the holy bread will be provided by the Carter family.  Thank you in advance.
Coffee Hour-
      On Sunday April 17, the food for coffee hour and clean-up of the fellowship hall will be provided by the St. Nina team.

Choir Leadership-
For the weekend of April 16-17, Lori Branch will lead the choir.

Church Cleaning-
During the week following Sunday April 10, cleaning of the nave, narthex, bookstore/library, stairs, bathrooms and nursery room will be done by the St. John the Baptist team. 
Food For Thought-   

Having gone to dwell in the wilderness, thou hast blotted out from thy soul the images of thy sensual passions, and hast marked upon it the God-given imprint of holiness. Thou hast attained such glory, blessed Mother, as to walk upon the surface of the waters, and in thy prayers to God thou wast raised up from the earth. And now, all-glorious Mary, standing before Christ with boldness, entreat Him for our souls.

Stichera from Vespers of the Fifth Sunday of Lent, during which we commemorate St. Mary of Egypt