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Church Bulletin: September 4, 2016

posted Sep 5, 2016, 1:29 PM by Saint Raphael of Brooklyn Antiochian Orthodox Church
September 4, 2016- 11th Sunday After Pentecost

 This Week's Services and Events

September 6, Tuesday
        + Free Lunch Program Volunteering, 11:30AM-1:30PM
        + Office Hours, 1:15PM-2:45PM
        + 9th Hour Prayers, 3:00PM

September 7, Wednesday
        + Vesperal Liturgy for Nativity of the Theotokos, 6:00PM

September 10, Saturday
        + Sunday School Kick-Off Picnic, 11:00AM-1:00PM
        + Intro to Orthodoxy Class, 3:00PM
        + Great Vespers, 5:00PM 

September 11, Sunday Before the Elevation of the Cross
        + Matins, 8:45AM
        + Divine Liturgy, 10:00AM followed by Coffee Hour
Upcoming Events and Announcements- 

Sunday School Program Starting Next Sunday-
        Registration letters have been distributed and are also in the narthex.   Families, please fill it out and return it.  This will help our teachers to know who they will have in their classes.  This year, we will have three classes: pre-K through 3rd grade, 4th through 6th grade, and 7th through 12th grade.  Our kick-off picnic will be on Saturday, September 10 from 11:00AM-1:00PM with classes starting after liturgy on Sunday, September 11.

September/October Calendars Printed-
        Calendars listing services and events for September and October are printed and available for pick up in the narthex.

Change in Office Hours-
        Due to new school and work schedules for Fr. Ignatius's family, it was necessary to shift office hours.  The new hours will be 1:15PM-2:45PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  There will be no office hours or matins on Fridays.  There will be 9th Hour Prayers at 3:00PM on Tuesdays.  If you want to meet with Father and these times don't work for you, he will work something else out.  Just ask.  

Orthodox Christian Fellowship-
        OCF will meet most Thursday evenings with dinner at 6:30PM on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month, and compline at 7:00PM on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month.

       Jim Atty, who served as a subdeacon for many years at St. George Church in Cedar Rapids, was ordained to the diaconate by Bishop Anthony at that church this morning.  Congratulations to Deacon James and family!

Our Church Bookstore Now Accepts Credit Card Purchases-
        We are able to accept credit cards for bookstore purchases now.  If you want to purchase anything with your card, see bookstore manager Robert Peterson.

Upcoming Mid-Week Liturgies-
        Two of the twelve Great Feasts fall during the month of September.  On September 7, we will have Vesperal Liturgy for the Nativity of the Theotokos and on September 13 we will have Vesperal Liturgy for the Elevation of the Cross, both at 6:00PM.

Parking Reminder-
        Since on-street parking near the church has been difficult lately, it is good to remember that there is a free parking garage west of the church on College St., about three blocks away.  There are always plenty of spaces there.

Intro To Orthodoxy Classes-
        Introduction to Orthodoxy classes are continuing on Saturdays at 3:00PM.  Remaining classes are on September 10, 17, 24 and October 1 .  This class is open to all.  Do you have any friends, neighbors or co-workers who have asked you questions about your Orthodox Christian faith or have shown interest?  Invite them to come.  

Take Advantage of Your Priest!-
        From a financial standpoint, a full-time priest is often the biggest investment a church makes.  Yet sometimes, people do not fully use this resource to the fullest.  Fr. Dustin Lyon from St. Elias the Prophet Church in Dubuque has some good thoughts to share regarding this. http://www.dustinlyon.org/?p=637 
        An Invitation to Help Firmly Establish Our Parish By Working to Discover Who We Are and What our Purpose Is-
        Leaders from both the Archdiocesan Departments of Lay Ministries and Stewardship will be coming to St. Raphael Church on October 7-8 for the first of two weekend sessions to work with parish leaders and all those interested to help us discern what our purpose, vision and goals are as the local expression of the Holy Orthodox Church in Iowa City.  All are welcomed to participate.  The more, the better.  This is for the building up of our church and its firm establishment for the future.  The commitment is for Friday evening and both morning and afternoon on Saturday.  A second similar weekend will be scheduled to continue the work.   

Food for All - Kalona
               The totals are in for Kalona Summer Lunch! 1,683 lunches were provided, averaging 55 a day (MWF). A total of 271 different guests joined us at one time or another, with 75 coming at least 7 times over the summer and 28 coming very regularly. 
Please pray for this Orthodox-style, community-style charity work as we start what we hope to be twice-a-month Sunday evening suppers in October. Also ask our Lord to draw people to Himself and and His Church through it. Visit our website at foodforallkalona.weebly.com. Ask Amy Spencer to take you out to coffee if you want to learn more. Email: foodforallkalona@gmail.com.  Amy will be taking a sabbatical from Food for All during the month of September to pray, particularly about new programs and Kalona Vespers, which has been on hold.

Next Sunday's Gospel Reading-
        The Lord said, “No one has ascended into heaven but He who descended from heaven, the Son of man. And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of man be lifted up, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. For God sent His Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.”  (John 3:13-17)

Pray for our Catechumen-
       Please keep our catechumen Ilya Buchkin in your prayers as he prepares to be sacramentally joined to the Orthodox Church.

Do You Have a Prayer Request?
        Please give it to Fr. Ignatius and he will distribute it by email to all those on the Prayer Chain. If you wish to join the Prayer Chain, please let Fr. Ignatius know. 
Remember Your Departed Loved Ones With Flowers-
        Would you like to memorialize your departed loved ones with a bouquet of flowers to be placed in the church on the weekend of your choice?  Look for the new Memorial sign-up sheet.  Decide what weekend you would like your loved one(s) remembered, give $25 to the church, clearly marking it for "Memorial Flowers" and your loved one(s) will be mentioned during the Great Entrance prayers and in the weekly bulletin.  If your departed loved ones are Orthodox, and you would like Trisagion Prayers for the Departed to be offered at the end of Liturgy, you can indicate that on the sign-up sheet as well.

Keep Praying for Kidnapped Orthodox Bishops in Syria-
       Since April 22, 2013, the Orthodox Metropolitan of Aleppo, Metropolitan Paul, and the Syriac Metropolitan of Aleppo, Youhanna, have been in captivity and have not been heard from.  Please pray for their well being and release and also pray for their captors as well.  

Food for Thought-

The dark storm clouds of life bring no terror to those in whose hearts Thy fire is burning brightly.  Outside is the darkness of the whirlwind, the terror and the howling of the storm, but in the heart, in the presence of Christ, there is light and peace; silence.  Alleluia!

- Kontakion 5 from "Akathist of Thanksgiving"