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Church Bulletin: January 1, 2017

posted Jan 2, 2017, 7:58 AM by Saint Raphael of Brooklyn Antiochian Orthodox Church
January 1, 2017- The Circumcision of Christ and the Feast of St. Basil the Great

 This Week's Services and Events

January 3, Tuesday
        + Free Lunch Program, 11:30-1:00PM
        + Office Hours, 1:15PM-2:45PM
        + 9th Hour Prayers, 3:00PM

January 4, Wednesday
        + Akathist, 7:00PM

January 5, Thursday
        + Theophany Royal Hours, 9:00AM
        + Office Hours, 1:15-2:45PM
        + Theophany Matins, 5:00PM
        + Theophany Liturgy and Blessing of Water, 6:00PM

January 7, Saturday
        + Great Vespers, 5:00PM 

January 8, Sunday after the Theophany of Christ
        + Matins, 8:45AM
        + Divine Liturgy, 10:00AM followed by Sunday School and Coffee Hour

Upcoming Events and Announcements-       

Theophany Services, January 5-
        We celebrate the Lord's baptism at this great feast and we bless holy water for the year. Come and experience the beauty of the prayers of this Liturgy.  We will begin with Royal Hours at 9:00AM, and continue with matins at 5:00PM and Liturgy and Blessing of the Water at 6:00PM.  

Holy Water Available-
        If you cannot make it to the Theophany liturgy on Thursday evening, plan to receive some holy water next Sunday, January 8.  If you have a holy water bottle, bring it.  Bottles will be available for those who don't have their own.

Scheduling Annual House Blessings-
        Fr. Ignatius would like to come to all church member's homes between Theophany (January 6) and the beginning of Lent (February 27) for a house blessing.  If there is a specific day and time you would like Father to come, please contact him and let him know.  If he doesn't hear from you, he will contact you and schedule a time.  

Donations for Wine and Olive Oil-
        The church uses olive oil to burn in the vigil lamps that hang before the icons, and wine for Holy Communion.  We gladly accept monetary donations for the purchase of these necessary supplies (mark donation clearly if this is your intention), or, in the case of the oil, in-kind donations of regular, not extra-virgin olive oil.  

Epistle Reading-
        The opportunity to read the assigned Epistle reading is open to anybody interested.  A sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board at the top of the stairs.  If you have any questions, talk to Subdeacons Anthony or Panteleimon (Bill or Todd).  

We Need Holy Bread Bakers-
        As we have come to a new year, we have also come to a new sign-up sheet for providing holy bread for each weekly liturgy.  If you bake holy bread, please look at the sign-up sheet and put your name down.  The next several Sundays are open and available.

Outdoor Blessing of Waters-
        St. John the Baptist Church in Cedar Rapids invites us to join them in blessing the Cedar River at 4:00PM on Saturday, January 14, at the 1st Ave. bridge in downtown Cedar Rapids.  Vespers follows at the church at 5:00PM.

Sunday School Holiday Break-
         We will resume Sunday School on January 8. 

Feasting After the Fast-
        This season of joy as we continue the celebration of the Lord's Nativity means there is no fasting through January 4.  Bon appetit!

IOCC Relief Aid for Syria-
        The level of human suffering seems to continue to increase, due to the ongoing war in Syria.  Please keep the Syrian people in your prayers, and if you can donate to IOCC, please do so.  https://www.iocc.org/where-we-work/syria

2017 Annual Calendars Are Here-
        The Church provides free calendars showing the daily saints and Scripture readings, plus the major feasts and fasting times of the church year.  The 2017 version is here and available for you to take.  Take one or take a couple, as many as you will use.  

January-February Calendars Available-
       Calendars showing services and other events for the next two months are available to pick up in the narthex.

Serve on a Short-term Mission-
        OCMC Mission Teams need volunteers in 2017.  There are openings for hard workers in Albania, Guatemala, Kenya, Indonesia, Alaska and Mexico.   Details are available on the OCMC website www.ocmc.org.   Please consider these opportunities to serve in missions.

Honor Bishop Anthony for His Birthday and Name day-
        Bishop Anthony celebrates both his birthday and name day on January 17.  One of the efforts he has organized in our diocese is the creation of a speaker's fund, so that he can invite in speakers that will benefit the churches and people in his diocese.  The Midwest Antiochian Women's organization is once again heading up an effort to collect donations that will go to this fund with the intent that the funds be collected by January 6, so that special birthday and name day greetings can be sent from each donor to the bishop in time for January 17.  Cards with this information on them are available in the narthex, if you would like to participate.  

Food for All - Kalona
        Please continue to pray for our Orthodox-style, community-style charity work. Our Sunday Supper and Movie Nights are happening twice monthly until summer. Also, we hope to restart Kalona Vespers in the new year. Also please ask our Lord to draw people to Himself and His Church through all our programs. Visit our website at foodforallkalona.weebly.com. For more info, email me at foodforallkalona@gmail.com.  Thanks! Amy Spencer

Save the Dates!-
        We will host Anthony Bashir and Richard Robbat again for the second and final round of their leadership development training on February 17-18.  Like last time, it will be a Friday evening and Saturday morning and afternoon schedule.  If you participated last time, please plan to be involved again.  But even if you didn't participate last time, we welcome you and encourage you to get involved.  

Orthodox Christian Fellowship-
        Our OCF is taking some time off during winter break.  They will resume in late January.  

Next Sunday's Gospel Reading-
        At that time, when Jesus heard that John had been arrested, he withdrew into Galilee; and leaving Nazareth he went and dwelt in Capernaum by the sea, in the territory of Zebulon and Naphtali, so that what was spoken by the prophet Isaiah might be fulfilled: “The land of Zebulon and the land of Naphtali, toward the sea, across the Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles—the people who sat in darkness have seen a great light, and for those who sat in the region and shadow of death light has dawned.” From that time Jesus began to preach, saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”  (Matthew 4:12-17)

Pray for our Catechumens-
       Please keep our catechumens Anna Baynton and Ilya Buchkin in your prayers as they prepare to be sacramentally joined to the Orthodox Church.

Do You Have a Prayer Request?
        Please give it to Fr. Ignatius and he will distribute it by email to all those on the Prayer Chain. If you wish to join the Prayer Chain, please let Fr. Ignatius know. 
Remember Your Departed Loved Ones With Flowers-
        Would you like to memorialize your departed loved ones with a bouquet of flowers to be placed in the church on the weekend of your choice?  Look for the new Memorial sign-up sheet.  Decide what weekend you would like your loved one(s) remembered, give $25 to the church, clearly marking it for "Memorial Flowers" and your loved one(s) will be mentioned during the Great Entrance prayers and in the weekly bulletin.  If your departed loved ones are Orthodox, and you would like Trisagion Prayers for the Departed to be offered at the end of Liturgy, you can indicate that on the sign-up sheet as well.

Keep Praying for Kidnapped Orthodox Bishops in Syria-
       Since April 22, 2013, the Orthodox Metropolitan of Aleppo, Metropolitan Paul, and the Syriac Metropolitan of Aleppo, Youhanna, have been in captivity and have not been heard from.  Please pray for their well being and release and also pray for their captors as well.

Food for Thought-

Christ our Lord, You who provide the rains and fruitful seasons, and hear the prayers of those who humbly seek You, accept also our requests about our needs and concerns and deliver us from worry, danger and sin.  Your mercies are as abundant as Your works. Bless all our activities, direct our steps by Your Holy Spirit, and forgive our shortcomings.  Lord, bless the year with Your goodness and make it a year of grace for all of us.  Give peace to the world, our nation and cities and above all, our homes. O Lord, Creator of all things, who by Your authority have established times and seasons, bless the beginning of our year with Your goodness; preserve Your people in peace, and through the intercessions of the Theotokos, save us.  Amen.

A Prayer for the New Year