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Church Bulletin: February 17, 2013

posted Feb 17, 2013, 2:19 PM by Saint Raphael of Brooklyn Antiochian Orthodox Church
February 17, 2013- Sunday of the Canaanite Woman
This Week's Services and Events
Feb 20, Wednesday
        + Akathist, 7PM
Feb 21, Thursday
        + OCF dinner, 7PM
Feb 22, Friday
        + Matins, 8:30AM
Feb 23, Saturday
        + Introduction to Orthodoxy class, 4PM
        + 9th Hour and Great Vespers, 6PM
Feb 24, Sunday, Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee
        + Matins, 8:45AM
        + Divine Liturgy, 10AM, followed by coffee hour and Sunday School
        + Book Discussion-"A Scent of Holiness" at Robert Peterson and Lori Branch's home, 7PM
Upcoming Events and Announcements
No 3rd Hour Prayers or Office Hours February 18-
        Father will be taking a vacation day on Monday, February 18. Therefore, there will be no office hours or 3rd Hour Prayers scheduled that day.
Archdiocesan Church Camp Scholarships Available,Deadline Next Sunday!-
        Through the generosity of the Order of St. Ignatius, our church has the opportunity to utilize up to $700 in scholarships to help our children attend any of the Archdiocese-sponsored church camps this summer. If you have a child ages 9-17 who would like to attend a camp, and you would like to apply for a scholarship, please let Fr. Ignatius know before the February 24th deadline. We are blessed to have Camp St. George only about one hour away. Although the 2013 dates have not yet been announced, the camp session will probably be August 11-17.
Geneva Lecture-
        Geneva Campus Ministry is hosting a lecture titled "The Wonder and Discipline of Seeing" on Wednesday, February 20 at 7:30PM in the Becker Communication Studies Building, Room 101. The co-lecturers are Justin Ahrens, the founder and Creative Director of the design firm Rule29, and Bob Davidson, Rule29's Creative Producer, and co-founder of Project rednoW-a community committed to experiencing the "art of wonder" through music, film, philosophy, design, and storytelling. "We live in a world of abundance - in a culture that provides us access to information and experiences that were undreamed of a generation ago. But because of the unending possibilities and clutter, we have lost our ability to see. Join us in an exploration of art, film, design, faith, and stories that cause us to pause, and invite us to wonder. With this as our backdrop, we will consider a new discipline of seeing."
Shelter House Annual Used Book Sale-
        The Shelter House, our local homeless shelter, is once again holding their annual Used Book Sale, which serves as a fundraiser for them. The sale will be held at the Sycamore Mall on Saturday, March 2 (10:30AM-4:30PM) and Sunday, March 3 (Noon-4PM). To donate used books before the sale, you may drop them off at the Sycamore Mall (back side- look for a sign on the door) on February 17 or 24 from 10AM-3PM) or during the week at the Shelter House at 429 Southgate Ave.
Book Study Dates-
        Lori Branch and Robert Peterson will be hosting two book studies in their home over the next several weeks. On Sunday, February 24, A Scent of Holiness by Constantina Palmer will be discussed. Copies of this book are now available in our church bookstore. On Sunday March 31, St. Seraphim of Sarov by Valentine Zander will be discussed.
Official Website for the Enthronement of Patriarch John X-
        February 10 was the day that newly elected Antiochian Patriarch John X was officially installed as patriarch in his enthronement ceremony. To read more about our patriarch and the enthronement, go to: http://john-x-enthronement.com/en/
You Can Now Donate to Church Through Paypal-
        If you use the online payment service Paypal, you can now use it to donate to our church. From time to time, it was requested that we make this option available and so we have. On the church's website (www.straphaelorthodoxchurch.org) near the top right of the home page, you will notice two different links, one for our general fund and one for our building fund. Check or cash donations are still preferred from our members because Paypal charges a processing fee of $0.30 + 2.2% on every transaction.
When to Contact the Priest (Adapted from Fr. John Peck)-
        (This ran in the bulletin a few years ago. Fr. Ignatius hopes that by repeating it, many will profit from it.) Many are confused about when they should call the parish priest in the many events of life. Calling the priest is necessary to maintain the bond of love in our community and to bring the Grace of God into our lives through the Holy Sacraments. The priest should be aware of the spiritual and physical needs of all our families in order to be the pastor. The priest should not be seen as “too busy”! He is here to shepherd us and his first priority is the people of the parish. Should any of the following needs or situations arise, call Fr. Ignatius at 319-400-7522 or email him at frignatius@straphaelorthodoxchurch.org:

Whenever you, or someone you know, needs prayer

Whenever there is a major medical procedure or visit to the hospital

Whenever there is an emergency room visit to the hospital (before, or during, not only after please!)

Whenever a family member is close to death or has a life threatening illness

When a baby is born

Prior to a medical procedure- ask to be anointed at the end of the Divine Liturgy

Prior to a major travel event- ask for travel prayers at the end of the Divine Liturgy

When a family is making a major family decision- advice can be sought

When opening a new office, moving to a new home or you buy a new car

When getting engaged or making marriage plans

When you are having struggles with the Faith

When you would like to schedule time for confession

When you would like to have a pastoral visit

When you have questions about the Faith

When you have a conflict with someone that you cannot resolve

Whenever you have an unexpected trip to the hospital or spend the night in the hospital

When you need help with funeral plans (everyone does)

When you have a question about the Scriptures

When you have a question about God

When you have a question about yourself

Parish Constitution Revision Committee-
        Our current parish constitution was revised about 4 years ago. It has come to the attention of some parish council members that perhaps some more revisions need to be made. If you would like to serve on a small committee to help make suggested changes that will be presented to the parish for a vote, please see Fr. Ignatius. The time commitment for this committee should be no longer than two months.
Parish Directory Updates-
        Our last parish directory, containing members and friends names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses was printed in 2011. It is time for an updated directory. Over the next few weeks, Fr. Ignatius will be contacting you and confirming the information he has for you, so that we can produce an accurate and updated 2013 directory.
Lenten Pan-Orthodox Sunday Vespers-
        As has been the tradition for several years, we are invited to attend vespers at various Orthodox churches in Eastern Iowa on Sunday evenings during Lent and in turn, we will be hosting clergy and the faithful from these churches at St. Raphael. Each vespers service is followed by a fellowship meal provided for by the hosting church. The dates are: March 24, 31, April 7, 14, 21. Each vespers begins at 5:30PM. St. Raphael is hosting on March 31. A schedule with all the locations and dates is attached.
Invitation to a Baptism-
        Fr. Fred and Khourieh Michelle Shaheen invite all the faithful of St. John the Baptist/St. Raphael to be with them for the baptism of Zoe Marie Shaheen on Sunday, March 3 at 3:00 pm at St. George Church in Cedar Rapids. Reception following.RSVP to 319-363-3449 or venetias@hotmail.com.
Introduction to Orthodoxy Classes-
        We are continuing a seven week series of classes on Saturdays at 4PM. The remaining dates are February 23 and March 2. All are welcome to attend.
House Blessing Season is Now, One Month Left!-
        From now until the beginning of Lent (March 17), is the season during which Fr. Ignatius is available to come to your home to bless it. A sign -up sheet is posted in the narthex. Suggest a date and time and Fr. Ignatius will check his calendar and arrange the visit.
Why We Bless Our Homes at Theophany-
Do You Have a Prayer Request?
        Please give it to Fr. Ignatius and he will distribute it by email to all those on the Prayer Chain. If you wish to join the Prayer Chain, please let Fr. Ignatius know.
Coffee Hour-
        On Sunday February 24, the food for coffee hour and the clean-up of the fellowship hall will be provided by the St. John the Baptist team.
Church Cleaning-
        During the week of February 17-23, the cleaning of the nave, narthex, bookstore, stairs, nursery and bathrooms will be accomplished by the St. Raphael team.
Food for Thought-
The humble resemble nightingales that hide in the valleys and spread delight to the souls of men with their sweet chirping, glorifying the Creator of the world night and day. The proud, however, act like certain prattling hens, which deafen the world with their cackling, as if their egg were as big as our planet.
Elder Paisios of Mt. Athos, Epistles, p. 181.