Pests That Threaten Your Home

home pests

Wild animals are very important to the country or ecosystem they live in. There are many wild animals in the world. Some of these animals are harmful to human beings while others are dangerous and harmful. Some of the dangerous wildlife incorporates lion, snake, cheetah, crocodile and so on. The harmless ones include birds, antelopes, tortoise and hares; just to mention a few. These animals are usually confined in a game reserved or a wildlife park. This is to separate them from humans so as to get rid of the damages they cause whenever they get access to the human residence.

However, there are harmless wildlife that manage to escape from the reserves and live in the estates with humans.


Here is a brief background on the carpet bee, before we get into some helpful ways to rid your home of them. A carpet is much like the bumble bee. The only difference is that the carpet bee is more benign. Think of the carpet bee in the vain of a Cell with some really bad health issues. There are cells that are cancerous. There are cells that are benign. The carpet bee would be equated to a benign cells.

The only carpet bee that has the potential for damage is the mother queen. If you really want to get in and get rid of the pack, you have to kill the queen. The queen has the ability to sting and leave behind more eggs. Hire to kill the queen mother and you are good to go.

How can you get rid of the queen mother?

It does not matter if you do it yourself or hire someone, the queen mother needs to be taken care of.

Get some pesticides

queen beeSome of you might not know which ones are okay to use. If you intend to take care of it yourself, check with a professional beforehand. Find out from a professional which pesticides are safe to use, versus the ones which are not. If the pesticide is not going to be environmentally sound, it will not work in your favor.

If you intend to hire someone, this person will bring in his own resources. Always check before you use. Some pesticides are being recalled. Some can be very dangerous if inhaled.

Is there a specific hole the bees are coming out of? If so, pad it up

Use some steel wool and stuff up the hole. Carpet bees can not get through this hole. Think of it like a jail sentence. Do this for each hole you find being used in the home. This will keep them all locked in and out of your way.

What if there are egg nests already in there?

Use some putty to caulk up the spot. This will take care of the nests and hopefully the queen mother.

Treat any and all outdoor wood surfaces.

bee nests at homeCarpet bees will not just go into the wood without prejudice. There is a method to the madness, especially when it comes to the queen mother. Treat all woods with some sealant or stain and paint. Do you have a deck? This is any easy way for carpet bees to get in. Stain or paint the deck. This will prevent the problem from becoming bigger.

Use some tea-tree oil or citrus oil on the infected areas.

Make sure the citrus oil is not synthetic. Synthetic will not take care of the issue. Almond oil is also a good one to use. Look around. If it says that it works well for treating carpet bees, you know you have found the right spray.


Just as you need to get to the queen mother, you also need to get to the main nesting larvae. Once you strike the main nesting larvae you will kill the main sources of reproduction. Strike the main source and you are good.